Meet James Constante

James Constante was an excellent student and athlete at Pettus High School . He maintained superior grades throughout his academic career and was a first class citizen of our community and High School. James was an all-state defensive end in football and participated in basketball, baseball, track, and golf.

There is another unique thing that James accomplished during his entire school career, both elementary and secondary – he never missed a single day of school!

James attends Texas A & M – Kingsville and will enter his sophmore year

in 2012. He is studying Engineering and is on the Dean’s List.


benefiting Pettus High School students

Scholarship Guidelines


Promote student participation in extracurricular activities at Pettus High School

Foster Good citizenship at Pettus High School and in the community

Encourage high academic achievement at Pettus High School

Assist Pettus High School Students in the pursuit of post secondary education


Each year one or more graduates of Pettus High School shall be awarded a monitory Scholarship, the specific amount and number of scholarships to be determined annually by the The Grizzle Scholarship Foundation Board.Selection


Each Pettus High School senior who wishes to apply must complete the Grizzle Scholarship Foundation Application.

Applications will be made available to PHS Seniors by the PHS Counselor each year on or before March 1st. Applications must be turned into the PHS Counselor on or before April 1st. All completed applications will be reviewed for authenticity by a committee which will include the PISD Superintendent, The PHS Principal, PHS Counselor, and the PHS Athletic Director. All authenticated applications will be given to The Grizzle Scholarship Foundation by May 5th.

Application Shall Include

An academic requirement of a cumulative high school GPA of 85 or higher.

A behavior component of no assignment to DAEP while in high school and no more than 2 discipline referrals per year in the students Junior and Senior year. (Referrals for tardy not included.)

An attendance component of 95% or higher attendance for the Junior and Senior year.

A point system based on the students participation in all extracurricular activities, school service activities, and community involvement during their years in high school.

Student must attend PHS for their entire Junior and Senior year.

Student must specify a plan to attend an institute of post secondary education (college or technical school).


Say Hi to Chloe!

Chloe Garza, the 2012 recipient of the Grizzle Scholarship Foundation’s scholarship. With Chloe are Founding Board members of the GSF, Wayne Dirks on the left and Joe Aguirre

on the right.

Chloe was an excellent student and leader at Pettus High School. Her academic accomplishments were second to none and she was an outstanding athlete, competing in track, volleyball, and softball. She competed in the state track meet in 2012. Along with all of the other things that Chloe did in high school, she was also a cheerleader for the varsity football team.

Chloe will attend Texas A & M – Kingsville this fall and ahs selected Speech Therapy as her career goal. She has also been selected to be a TAMU-Kingsville Javelina cheerleader.